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We have the four sub-committees consisting of a broad range of people representing different stakeholders that are working together to help develop the new Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+.

To keep you in the know and well informed about what’s happening with our NSDA2020+ we have these regular updates for you in the areas of communications, consultation, development, research and general update:


5 August 2020: So many cool things have taken place as you will see on our website and FB page.  Having launched the consultation phase we are now moving into consultations.  Read further updates below!

The theme of the new National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+ will be the Ka’a, our traditional rope, made up of many fibres of our tree of life – the coconut tree.  When these fibres come together they form a strong bond.  The NSDA2020+ committee has been formed made up of a cross sector of our nation, these have since been coordinated into sub-committees to carry out key areas of our new plan that will work towards a 100 year vision.


5 August 2020:  We now have our logo in place as you would have seen on our website, FB page and publications.  It was developed by Fave Design Inc, a local Cook Islands business.  We also have an information sheet now available on our resources page in case you want to know more about the NSDA2020+ and even more exciting is our FB page!  Check us out and like/follow us at Cook Islands NSDA 2020+ or @NSDA2020Plus.  We also launched our Korero Mai debate series at the launch of our NSDA2020+ consultation phase which was awesome – thanks to the debaters of our two teams!  Keep tuned for more exciting stuff to come!A communications plan for the first phase of the NSDA2020+, the development phase is now in place with products also in development.  The second phase of the communications plan will be developed once the plan is complete and endorsed by the Cook Islands.


5 August 2020:  The launch of the NSDA2020+ Consultation phase has been launched on 31 July at the National Auditorium – you can read more about this in our media release below dated 31 July 2020.  We also have some images of this on our Facebook Page and the live feed is available on the Office of the Prime Minister FB page.  Consultations are now underway for the month August which will see us meet twice daily from Monday to Friday with different ministries and NGO’s to walk through the NSDA2020+ to seek input and contributions.  This will start on Thursday 6 August with the Cook Islands Contemporary Arts sector.

Consultation timetables will go out soon with the Launch of Consultations to take place on Friday 31st July 2020. Consultations will go from August through to December 2020. 


5 August 2020:  We are putting our information together with the start of consultations, the NSDA will be working on this document as we progress.

100 year Legacy with 25 year generational plans and 5 yearly reviews have been approved. The Framework will be set within Akapapa’anga and follow a mixed methodology with the Ka’a as the metaphor for our journey.


5 August 2020:  The Akapapa’anga framework has been approved with papa’anga as the central tenet with Ka’a as the metaphor to bring it all together. The Kopapa Reo Maori has been consulted and will be advising on language and Cultural aspects of the Akapapa’anga.

Have identified research areas to commission. The scanning aspect of the research methodology will  be given out for researchers to carry out in consultations, media and literature- the point will be to identify common issues that come up. The NSDA look towards building a strong relationship with the Cook Islands Research Association.

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