In 2007 the Cook Islands launched our country’s 2020 visionary framework: Te Kaveinga Nui, the first NSDP articulated the national vision, and development outcomes desired by Cook Islanders which would be realised through a three phase medium term (5 yearly) planning approach. 

The National vision is:

“Te oraanga tu rangatira kia tau ki te anoano o te iti tangata, e kia tau ki ta tatou peu Maori e te aotini taporoporoia o te basileia”

“To enjoy the highest quality of life consistent with the aspirations of our people, and in harmony with our culture and environment”.

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2007-2010 – “Te Kaveinga Nui” was developed to guide our national development into the future. It is a pathway that sets out a 15 year visionary framework called ‘Living the Cook Islands Vision – A 2020 challenge. It provides the directions that we as a nation must follow on our journey to enable us to reach our national vision. It asserts the strategic outcomes that we hope to accomplish during the process of Te Kaveinga Nui.

2011-2015 – NSDP 2011-2015 builds upon the gains made in NSDP 2007-2010. To take the development to the next level, eight overarching national goals speak to a vibrant Cook Islands economy, supported by good infrastructure development and energy security; where our people have the opportunities to fulfil their potential; are resilient to the disasters and climate change impacts; live in a healthy environment; and where our progress is underpinned by the principles of good governance and law and order.

2016-2020 – In this plan we have further defined the national goals from the NSDP 2011-2015 into the sixteen goals. This NSDP reflects improvements in the policy and planning of Government with the recent development of more sector based policies and plans. This iteration is a scorecard for development rather than an explicit plan which enable us to have more in-depth research and consultation than would have been possible in a single centralised plan.

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