1. UPSIZE your passwords

Use long and strong passwords that will make it difficult for hackers to crack.  Create a passphrase containing a string of four or more words and ensure to apply different passwords for different accounts (email, bank login, social media).

2. UPGRADE to two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) require two forms of identification in order to access an account.  It provides an added layer of security to just a username and password.  Upgrade the security of your accounts by turning on the 2FA feature where possible.

3. UPHOLD your privacy

Take control of your information and personal information you share online.  Always check that requests for personal information are legitimate before you share your details.  If you’re not sure, DO NOT provide the information.

4. UPDATE your devices and apps

Keep your apps and devices free of bugs and viruses by updating regularly.  Updating adds new features and fix security risks to stop attackers from gaining access to your device and information.

SCAM Awareness Campaign to avoid being a victim of online fraudulent activities.

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