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The Pa Enua Governance is another output of
the Office of the Prime Minister. The core functions of this division are to

  • Oversight on governance and on
    the delivery of Island Government services in the Pa Enua
  • Co-ordinate and provide support
    in the implementation of Pa Enua community development programmes
  • Provide mediation services and
    advice to resolve development issues and complaints


Island Government is a Council established
under the 2012-2013 Island Government Act. It is composed of elected members
consisting of a mayor and councilors, appointed members consisting of traditional
leaders or representative, religious representative and members of parliament.
The later 3 are ex-officio members of the Island Government.

The Island Government is the key decision
making authority on the island regarding Central Government functions. Their
purpose is to provide good, efficient and effective governance for the island
in relation to those responsibilities conferred upon them by the Island
Government Act.

There is an Island Government for each of the
10 inhabited islands in the Cook Islands including: Mangaia, Atiu, Mauke,
Mitiaro, Aitutaki, Palmerston, Pukapuka/Nassau, Manihiki, Rakahanga and
Penrhyn. The Island Government may also be known as Kavamani Enua or any other
term prescribed by regulations made under the Island Government Act.


The Executive Officer (EO) is the principal
administrative officer of the Island Government. He or she is appointed in
accordance with any process prescribed by regulations made under the Island
Government Act and any other instructions given from time to time by the Public
Service Commissioner.

Amongst other duties, the Executive Officer
is primarily responsible for implementing the decisions of the Island
Government. He or she is to ensure and promote efficient management of the
Island Government and the effective performance of its functions and

Mayor and EO of the Island Governments

Islands Executive Officers Mayors Contacts
AITUTAKI  Mr Tuaine George Mr Tekura (Poo) Bishop
 wrk:31700/31987 wrk:31007/31025/ Mob. 75955
 mob; 71408 or 54911  
ATIU Mr Maara Tairi Mr Nooroa Paratainga 
Wrk:33269;    (mobile) 74976 Mobile:75-272
MANGAIA Mr Anthony Whyte  Mr Makitua Tutai 
Wrk:34289/ (mobile) 76397 34-333
MAUKE Mr Royston Jones  Mr Vaine Aberahama 
Wrk:35025/35141, mobile 52164 35128 (wrk)
MITIARO Mrs Anna Roi  Mr Makara Murare 
36108 (work)   Wrk:36-534 
55268 (mobile)  
PENRHYN Mr Puna John Vano  Mr Rangitava Taia 
Mobile: 56-760 Mobile: 70-915
Work: 42-100  
PUKAPUKA/NASSAU Mr Pio Ravarua Mr Levi Walewaoa
41712 (Work); (Mob) 73-947/75151 Mob. 76730
RAKAHANGA Mr Toka Hagai  Mr Neti Tarau; 44036 mob 71076
Wrk:44036; mobile: 76-420  
MANIHIKI Mr Nimeti Nimeti  Mrs Ngamata Napara; 43014 
Wrk:43102/43103 55040(mobile) 
PALMERSTON Mr Arthur Neale Mr Bill Tuakana Marsters 
Wrk:37680/37620 37680 and Mob: 70447. Contact email through EO