MEDIA RELEASE:  09 January 2023

Cook Islands Population Policy endorsed

Cook Islands history has been made with the very first Population Policy now finalized. A launch will be made in the 2023 New Year.

This policy was developed over the period that our country and the world were in a Covid-19 epidemic, which provided a changing situation of unexpected population challenges. The Policy was initially started in 2014 and has been developed since that time.

Led by the Central Policy and Planning Unit of the Office of the Prime Minister.  A working committee was formed to provide input across the various stages of planning.

Having undergone wide consultation with stakeholders ensures the policy is consistent with community views and national aspirations. The Cook Islands Population Policy will be useful in helping Government make informed decisions.

“Population issues have been at the heart of developmental challenges over time, this policy provides vision and direction in addressing these challenges.” said Valery Wichman

This population policy is a key priority in the National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+ and the Economic Development Strategy 2030. Cabinet gave consideration and noted its approval of the policy in December 2022.

Developed under the supervision of the CPPO, the policy was formed by a population specialist with support from a local consultant with consultation conducted together with Te Ara Akapapa’anga Nui 2020+ over two years.

The Working Group that helped guide the development of the Cook Islands National Policy consisted of members from the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Ministry of Finance and Economic Management, Internal Affairs, Statistics Office, National Council of Women and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

The policy will be made available in e-copy on the OPM website and hard copies available in the New Year. Please contact the Central Policy and Planning Office for further information on or +682 25494.


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