31 July 2020, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

The consultation phase for the Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Agenda 2020+ was launched on Friday. Known as NSDA2020+ or Te Ara Akapapa’anga Nui 2020+, this is the Cook Islands blueprint towards a 100-year vision of well-being for the Cook Islands in all aspects.

The launch is calling upon all Cook Islanders to share their thoughts, ideas, suggestions and input on the desired Cook Islands vision in 100 years-time, and how we should get there, together. The NSDA2020+ will follow on from the Cook Islands National Sustainable Development Plan, Te Kaveinga Nui 2016 – 2020, which comes to an end this year.

As the guiding document for all Cook Islanders, the launch amplifies the importance of ownership and as such is calling upon everyone to submit thoughts, ideas, suggestions and input from Cook Islanders. “We have had many successes, and have learnt many things, which has created a stronger foundation for our nation. But we are now nearing the end of our NSDP, and we must navigate towards a new future, a future that will become more certain throughout this consultation process,” presented the Deputy Prime Minister Hon Mark Brown. “We are here today to celebrate what we have achieved over the past five years, to acknowledge the hard work of our nation and our people, and prepare for the voyage ahead.”

The NSDA2020+ will is working towards a 100-year vision with two key periods. The 25 year frameworks, will be developed to suit the different generations and their circumstances but will work towards the 100- year vision. Within these will be five-year plans that will monitor and track progress, ensuring we are on the right track. Led by the Central Policy and Planning Office of the Office of the Prime Minister, the development of the NSDA2020+ will be undertaken in several stages.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Mark Brown delivering his speech at the NSDA 2020+ launch

The consultation phase began with the launch followed by a development phase with consultation of the drafts before submitting to cabinet for endorsement. Once endorsed the NSDA2020+ will catalyse united, national action. “We must navigate our way towards a new plan, our NSDA2020+. It is here that we can collectively commit towards achieving our new vision, one that will work back from the next 100 years ahead. It is also here today, that we are collectively committing towards developing our plan together, with your input as a stakeholder,” presented Mr Ben Ponia, Chief of Staff of the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Launch of the consultation phase of the National Sustainable Development Agenda, Te Ara Akapapa’anga Nui, 2020+ also saw the launch of the Korero Mai Debate series, with the very first debate taking place on the resolution – “That in 100-years, the Cook Islands will be a paradise”.

The winners of the debate were that of the negative team – Dean Tangata-Kapi, Fletcher Melvin, and Romani Katoa. They won against the affirmative team – Karla Eggelton, Mareva Cameron and Valentino Wichman. The Korero Mai Debate series is aimed at empowering public discussion and input for our national blueprint – a fun, but interesting and organised way of hearing different perspectives of a topic.

Held at the National Auditorium on 31 July, the launch of the National Sustainable Development Agenda, Te Ara Akapapa’anga Nui, 2020+ saw over 100 people come together to celebrate a new national blueprint. Consultations will be undertaken through different channels – public and group consultations, an interactive website, and social media.

To learn more about the NSDA2020+ you can visit the website at or even follow their Facebook page @NSDA2020+ For more information you can contact our office on +682 25494 ext 7004 or email us on