National Sustainable Development Agenda (NSDA 2020+) Countdown to launch

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NSDA 2020+ Resources

NSDA 2020+ Resources

Climate Change

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Goal 1:

Improve welfare, reduce inequity and economic hardship

Goal 2:

Expand economic opportunities, improve economic resilience and productive employment to ensure decent work for all

Goal 3:

Promote sustainable practices and effectively manage solid and hazardous waste

Goal 4:

Sustainable management of water and sanitation

Goal 5:

Build resilient infrastructure and ICT to improve our standard of living.

Goal 7:

Improve health and promote healthy lifestyles

Goal 8:

Inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities

Goal 9:

Accelerate gender equality, empower all women and girls, and advance the rights of youth, the elderly and disabled

Goal 10:

Achieve food security and improved nutrition, and increase sustainable agriculture

Goal 11:

Promote sustainable land use, management of terrestrial ecosystems, and protect biodiversity

Goal 12:

Sustainable management of oceans, lagoons and marine resources

Goal 13:

Strengthen resilience to combat the impacts of climate change and natural disasters

Goal 14:

Preserve our heritage and history, protect our traditional knowledge, and develop our language, creative and cultural endeavours

Goal 15:

Ensure a sustainable population, engaged in development for Cook Islanders by Cook Islanders

Goal 16:

Promote a peaceful and just society and practice good governance with transparency and accountability